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The Finest Wines to Go With 

Your Delicious Italian Favorites

Our Wine List

We also sell wines by the glass



#64       Caposaldo Chianti                                            $27.00

                Ruby red color, intense fragrance and dry

#66       Classico Riserva Nozzole                                 $44.00

                Soft, dry and very flavorful with delightful finish

#72       Ruffino Riserva Ducale Gold                          $84.00

                Hearty, ruby red wine of exceptional quality that 

               displays full aroma and body with a round flavor

#74       Montepulciano Barba Viana Franca               $35.00

                Ruby red and purple, fragrant yet gentle and fruity

                with a dry, lightly tannic full and balanced taste

#76       Santa Cristina Toscano                                    $35.00

               Light and spicy with fruit flavors and a lingering finish

#88       Barbara D’Asti Michele Chiarlo                     $37.00

               This full-bodied wine has blackberry and classic flavors

#90       Rosso di Montalcino Il Poggione                   $58.00

                Soft and dry with mouth filling flavor, delightful finish

#100    Barbaresco Franco Amoroso                           $46.00

              “The Queen of all Italian Wines”

              Velvety, exceptional balance and a soft medium body

#102     Barolo, D.O.C.G. Neirano                              $52.00

                Ripe, complex and full bodied. Black cherry, plum, 

                anise and tar flavors with a definite toasty spiciness


#104     Amarone Luigi Righetti                                $68.00

                Made with semi-dried grapes. Big full-flavored 

                garnet wine with power and complexity

#126    Josh Cellars Cabernet                                     $38.00

               Superior dry wine, nice balance with medium body

#130      J.Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet                       $34.00

                Well balanced dry, good fruit flavors with a supple

                 and smooth finish

#132      Hess Select Cabernet                                    $44.00

                 Full bodied, dry, pleasant bouquet and silky texture

#134      Liberty School Cabernet                             $31.00

                 Well balanced and dry with deep color and fruity aroma

#138      Benzinger Cabernet                                     $41.00

                 Classic with aromas of dark chocolate and cream cassis

#146      Estancia Merlot                                             $30.00

                 Intense color, full soft tannins complimented by

                 a berry-like bouquet

#150      Sebastiani Merlot                                          $32.00

                 Focused, flavorful offering a mouthful of berry notes

#154      Clos du Bois Merolt                                      $37.00

                 Soft round wine full of intense fruit and complexity

#170      Estancia Pinot Noir                                       $34.00

                 Finely structured full of body, elegant depth and 

                 velvety texture

#172      Meiomi Pinot Noir                                       $48.00

                 Rich in body, yet delicate in flavor



#10      Caposaldo Pinot Grigio                                  $26.00

               Light well-balanced with fruity depth and delicate

               bouquet with a crisp clean finish

#14      Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio                      $46.00

              Delicate subtle complex wine with an elegantly 

              fruited bouquet with crisp finish

#18      Barone Fini Pinot Grigio                                $30.00

              Fresh fruity table wine, complements meats and fish

#30      La Crema Chardonnay                                    $43.00

              Pale straw color with a delicate slightly nutty 

              bouquet. Great depth and flavor

#32      Hess Select Chardonnay                                  $31.00

              Complex and well balanced, pear and vanilla 

              flavors turn silky and elegant on the finish

#34      Kendall Jackson Chardonnay                         $35.00

              Exceptional breed and elegance, dry, rich and 

              deeply complex with a subtle alluring bouquet

#36      Simi Chardonnay                                             $39.00

              Light gold color, rich fruit, fine body and soft finish

#38      Beringer Chardonnay                                      $36.00

              Fresh vivacious taste with delicate perfumes 

#50      Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc                            $34.00

              Similar in style to Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc 


#52      Simi Sauvignon Blanc                                     $39.00

              Subtle oaky touch, deep intense Sauvignon flavors

#54      Joel Gott Rose                                                  $32.00

            Bright fruit flavors and minerality followed by crisp, 

              refreshing acidity, and a clean, balanced finish

Sparkling Wines

#1        Korbel Extra Brut                        Split $11Bottle $35

               Light, dry, finely fruited and one of the most

               popular Sparkler in the United States 

#3        Moletto Prosecco                          Split $11Bottle $31

               Elegant with a crisp, dry finish 

#4       Moet & Chandon Imperial         Split $25Bottle $119

              Full fruited, supple aromatics with a long finish 


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